Laboratory Equipment Interfacing

PowerLINK Equipment Interface is an automatic, electronic connection between analyzer and computer for the rapid, accurate exchange of information. PowerLINK directly reduces the pressure to run the lab more efficiently ensuring faster turnaround times, reducing costs, demand for higher revenues, greater regulatory demands, requirement of lesser talent pool of qualified technicians. With PowerLINK you can take control of these challenges. We help you manage your lab with solutions that are powerful enough to meet today’s demands and flexible enough to adapt to tomorrow’s changes. PowerLINK integrates with over 200 diagnostic instruments, and is constantly developing new interfaces for additional ones. Integrate your equipment with our software to maximize your investment in technology.

Benefits of using PowerLINK Interface Software

  • Streamline and optimize pre-testing to improve patient experience.
  • Work more efficiently to reduce wait time and deal with a higher patient load.
  • Eliminate manual data-entry to avoid costly mistakes and reduce labor costs.
  • Eliminate transcription errors due to tedious manual test input and test result data entry and the time being spent on them.
  • Higher Productivity, Increased Efficiency, and Accurate flow of information.
  • Effective utilisation of manpower and lab equipments.
  • Improved Turn Around Time (TAT) and higher Returns on Investment (ROI).
  • Seamlessly integrate third-party QC systems, such as Bio-Rad Unity Real Time™, into your results production.
  • Integrate PowerLINK not only to Penguin LIMS & Penguin HIS  but any third party HIS/LIS